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88 More Years of Guillen?

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The White Sox haven't won a World Series since 1917. With that rich, winning tradition fresh in his mind, Ozzie Guillen is already making plans for when he leads the White Sox to the promised land.

"I've got (championship) rings already and I'm proud of them, but if I win here, if I help the White Sox do this, it will give me a chance to walk away if I want to," an emotional Guillen told me before Wednesday night's 8-0 loss to the Cleveland Indians.

"I will think about it. I will think about it twice. The way I'm thinking right now, I will tell (general manager) Kenny Williams to get another manager and I'll get the (bleep) out of here. I'll make more money signing autographs instead of dealing with this (bleep)."

I'll leave you to speculate about the bleeps.