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White Sox vs. Twins -- Contreras vs. Lohse

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(I apologize for only one entry today. My browser crashed and I lost a long post about the Sox playoff chances.)

I just got a call from my friend with whom I share season tickets. He wanted to know if he could swing by and drop off my share of the playoff tickets on his way to the game tonight. -- I laughed and told him to drop them off when they clinched.

Ten Games Remaining

  • 3 games at home against the Twins, who are 20-33 in the second half in games not started by Johan.
  • 4 games on the road againt the Tigers, who are 25-41 in the second half.
  • The Sox need to take 5 of these 7 to have AL Central Division title aspirations, and 4 of 7 to have Wild Card aspirations.
  • 3 games on the road against the Indians, who have 3 reamaing with the Royals (always terrible) and 3 against the Devil Rays (36-28 in the second half).
  • If it comes down to it, the Sox should have Jose Contreras available on three-days rest for the final game of the season. Brandon McCarthy would also be on regular rest for that game. -- I like the prospect of having our two best pitchers ready just in case there is a true must win game.
Tonight's contest features a matchup of our best pitcher against the great Lyle Kohse.

Jose Contreras (13-7, 3.79) vs. Kyle Lohse (9-12, 4.16)