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White Sox vs. Twins -- Garcia vs. Mays

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This was supposed to be a Brad Radke start. Thankfully, the Twins shut him down, and we get their 7th best starter. Mays has a 8.42 ERA in his last 7 starts, before he was finally pulled from the rotation.

Freddy Garcia has been pretty pitiful since he lost a complete game 1-hitter against these same Twins.

The Yankees have already lost today, giving them 64 losses. Both the Yankees and Red Sox have 64 losses. The White Sox record is 92-61. Since one of them will have to lose at least 2 games in the final series of the year, one will finish with at best 96-66. 5 wins gets the Sox to 97-65, thus clinching a playoff berth.

F. Garcia (12-8, 4.01) vs. J. Mays (6-9, 5.26)