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Count on me, Ace

Just a few months ago, I had given up on Jose, thrown in the towel. I wanted nothing to do with him anymore. After one particularly frustrating 7 walk performance in Oakland, I went so far as to give my solution for how to deal with The Count.

In summation:
  1. Punch him in the face
  2. Don't let him call his own game, but make him think he's calling his own game.
  3. All that shit we tried before.
  4. Take the bat with you. Punch him in the face. Then hit him with the bat.
How far we've come since that day. Far indeed. Since then he is 11-2 with 3.02 ERA. Amazingly, that ERA includes two games where he allowed 6 or more earned runs. -- When Contreras is on, he's absolutely dominating.

Since August 1st, the White Sox have compiled a dismal 24-26 record. Contreras has gotten the win in a third of those games (8-1, 2.03 ERA). To put it another way, since the calendar changed to August, the Sox have a record of 9-1 in games started by Contreras and 15-25 in games started by anyone else.

There's your "ace" folks.