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White Sox @ Tigers -- Garland vs. Johnson

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I was about to head out, almost forgetting that I wouldn't make it home until about game time. -- Damn, east coast games.

I didn't really have much to talk about today. The Sox took a firmer grip on their post-season destiny yesterday, and can cement their rightful position atop the AL Central with a sweep of the Tigers in Detroit.

Jason Johnson has been respectable, if not forgettable in his last few starts. The llast two years against the White Sox, however, he has been less than impressive.

Jon Garland has been downright unhittable in his 3 starts against the Tigers this season. He has 2 complete game 4-hitters at their expense, and an amazing 0.35 ERA.

Jon Garland (17-10, 3.51) vs. Jason Johnson (8-12, 4.57)