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Back on Track

The White Sox starting pitching got back on track this series thanks in large part to the offensive vacuum that is the Minnesota Twins. Ron Gardenhire even made Mark Buehrle look like the first-half Cy Young candidate again by withholding Joe Mauer, Jacque Jones, and Justin Morneau from the lineup on Sunday. To put it frankly, Sunday's Twins lineup was probably the weakest hitting lineup that any team has put on the field this season. They had only 44 combined HRs this season between the nine of them.

Overall, Sox starters put together some dominating statistics this series.

IP H ER BB K HR ERA 34 18 4 4 21 1 1.06

While it's nice that the Sox starting staff put up some impressive numbers, this has to be tempered with the knowledge that they weren't exactly facing a major league caliber offense.

* * * * *

The best news of the weekend came during the third inning of the Sox game. The seemingly invincible Indians lost a game to the Royals when Grady Sizemore lost a ball in the sun, dropping the the White Sox Magic Number to 5 in the process.

They haven't been playing mistake-free baseball lately. Their defense was erratic in the first two games of the series in Chicago, and they have made a number of miscues in KC. They've been able to overcome these lapses, though. -- In the near future they are either going to start playing more fundamentally sound, and be near unbeatable, or continue with their mistakes, and finally have it cost them.