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White Sox @ Tigers -- McCarthy vs. Robertson

Nate Robertson was originally the scheduled starter for yesterday's game. The party line is that he was switched with Jason Johnson so that the Tigers wouldnt' be throwing lefties back to back in the final series of the season. -- Whaaa? Who cares? -- I guess, as a manager, sometimes you have to make decisions like this at the end of the year, when your season has been over for months, just to make sure everyone knows your still doing your job. Whatever.

Brandon McCarthy, who has been incredible since his latest call up, has the task of shutting down the Tigers. If he doesn't do that, the Sox are looking at another loss. The Sox best hitter in September is not with the team,and it's not clear when he will be back. Crede is tending to his wife, who is back in Chicago having a baby. McCarthy might need to throw a shutout.

Brandon McCarthy (2-1, 4.20) vs. Nate Robertson (6-15, 4.52)