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Come on, Sox -- Just Two More...

Tonight, from a White Sox/Tigers standpoint, was awful. I know everyone here was saying the same four-letter words that I was saying during the game, so I'm not going to get real in-depth tonight.


-McCarthy wasn't good tonight. Don't let his line fool you. He was hit very hard, and when he left his changeup up in the zone, it got hit. But McCarthy really wasn't the problem tonight, as bad as I'm making it sound. In the end, he only gave up three runs.

-Nate Robertson wasn't very good either. Five walks, five hits. Problem is, the Sox left 12 on base. Unacceptable night at the plate.

-Geoff Blum... worst move of the year. Inexcusable. I realize that AJ Pierzynski didn't come through last night, but the matchup against Spurling was a much better situation. And what about Ross Gload? He can pinch run, but he can't pinch hit? I won't even go into the Joe Borchard move -- he got a hit, so I won't complain about that. However, I said this over at another site, pretty much along the lines of, "At least Ozzie got his point across to Ross Gload".

Simply put, these past two games have been terrible, from the players to the manager. This team struggles to put runs on the board against Jason Johnson and Nate Robertson -- how are they going to do anything whatsoever against guys like Bartolo Colon, Tim Wakefield, or Randy Johnson?

Enough with the bad. This was actually, outside of the Sox game, a pretty damn good day.

-Tampa Bay held on to beat Cleveland 5-4. The Tribe had runners on the corners, one out, in the ninth, when Danys Baez forced a game-ending 4-6-3 double play.

-Toronto split their two games with Boston. I was hoping for a split, and got it. Toronto took the nightcap, 7-5. On a funny sidenote, Shea Hillenbrand struck out seven times on the day.

-And, the icing on the cake -- the Orioles, as I type this, are leading 14-9 in the eighth, with a chance to grab another run with runners at the corners and two outs. So long as BJ Ryan holds this lead...

...we will need just TWO victories to ensure a postseason appearance. And I'm not just talking about a one-game playoff to see if we get into the playoffs.

Tomorrow, the Sox, as they have done for most of the second half, ask Jose Contreras to be the stopper. So long as he doesn't revert to his first-half form, Jose has become this team's game one starter.

On a final note, the field goal is good; 17-9 Orioles.