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Finish Line in Sight

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I've spent the last 25 minutes playing with my wireless connection. -- It's all F'd up. I'm experiencing all kinds of slowdown here. I'm not going to bother messing with it at this late hour, and I'm not going to write a novel here only to be denied the ability to post it because the boogeyman is eating my wireless conection. So I apologize in advance for the short entry.

  • Jose Contreras is really good. Thanks Yankees.
  • Sean Douglass was really, really bad, but our hitters let him off the hook far too often. They were able to get to him for 4 runs, but it should have been a lot more.
  • Juan Uribe, who was awesome for the first week of September, then terrible for the next two plus weeks, looks like he might be on another one of his patented hot streaks. Just at the right time too.
  • The Magic Number is officially 2, but all we have to do is win once to clinch the AL Central. -- Let me see if I can explain this simply. -- If the Sox win tomorrow and Cleveland wins out, both teams finish the season with the same record. Because both Boston and New York can NOT finish with records better than Cleveland or the Sox in this situation, a one game playoff would not be necessary. The Sox would be considered the AL Central champs, and the Indians would be considered the Wild Card winners due to the Sox having the better head to head season record. -- One win in the next 4 games = AL Central Champs.
  • This post has taken me an hour and fifteen minutes.