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96 victories, more than any other team in the AL, second only to the Cardinals in all of baseball, and yet all we have heard from the media (even yours truly is to blame) is how the Sox were having a historical collapse. Well how about this for history? The White Sox are just the 10th team in the history of baseball to be in first place on every day of the season. (I haven't found print confirmation of this. I saw it on ESPN, and very possibly could have heard wrong. If I knew how to go about checking that I would, but it sounds like a long process -- too long for me to tackle.)

96 victories. The Sox have only won more than that once in my lifetime. I suspect this is the most victories from a Sox team that some of you have ever seen. Heck, I don't even remember the '83 team. -- I remember the '84 Ilini Rose Bowl, and the Bears losing to the 49ers a couple times prior to their Super Bowl run, but no early childhood Sox memories. -- This truly was a historic season.

96 victories, and none of them sweeter than Thursday's 4-2 triumph over the Tigers. Sure, there was the Rowand 3-run HR in San Diego, and the back-to-back HRs on the second day of the season, and AJ Pierzynski slaying the Dodgers, and Timo Perez being the hero in Frank's return to the team, and Joe Crede. It's been a season full of memories.

96 victories. It started with a Major League record streak of consecutive games with a lead, and just rolled from there.

96 victories. How about 11 more?