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Home Field Throughout the Playoffs

Starting lineup consisting of Joe Borchard, Chris Widger, Geoff Blum, Timo Perez, Ross Gload, Brian Anderson, and Willie Harris -- along with the only two regulars of Scott Podsednik and Joe Crede.

Folks, this lineup might be as bad as the one the Sox faced last Sunday.

And they won.

Ross Gload ripped a fastball from Fernando Cabrera in the 13th inning for a double, giving the Sox a 3-1 lead.

I didn't see much of the game, but regardless of whether they won or lost this game, the most important thing was that Mark Buehrle pitched well against a good lineup. This start was very relieving; I was starting to question whether Buehrle should really start game two of the ALDS for the Sox, but after tonight, I'm a lot more confident in Mark.

Funny -- we struggled beating Cleveland last week putting out our best lineup, yet were able to take the Tribe down with half of Charlotte playing for the Sox. That's always nice...

Update [2005-10-1 1:44:41 by The Cheat]: Reminder: Saturday's game has been moved to FOX. It starts at 12:20.