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Predictions Revisited

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Back on the first day of the season, I linked to a bunch of expert predictions, and gave some of my own. I thought I would take a look back at mine, and see how I fared.

My Prediction
  1. Minnesota Twins -- 89 victories
  2. Chicago White Sox -- 86 victories
  3. Cleveland Indians -- 83 victories
  4. Detroit Tigers -- 77 victories
  5. Kansas City Royals -- 58 victories
Wow, am I good. I was right on with the 86 victories prediction. Just a few weeks early.

I gave a full list of reasons why each team would finish where I had predicted. You can go back and check them out if you want. Some were right on. Others were way off. I do think I did a better job than most of the experts that I linked to in that post though.

* * * * *

Here are some of my random predictions from that same post, along with some commentary I added today.

Aaron Rowand -- All-Star. Sounds weird doesn't it? It shouldn't in a few months.
Wrong. I never foresaw the drop in power. He does have a shot at a Gold Glove though, so that should be some consolation.

Jon Garland -- He'll pitch right around 200 innings of league average ball and win 12 games. This is on the same level as predicting the Twins to win the division, or Eric Gagne to be dominant in 82.1IP.
Wrong. But, com'on who can blame me? Garland had established himself as a league average pitcher. -- I can't believe none of those three (Gagne, Twins, & Garland) happened. They were all so consistent from 2002-2004.

Carl Everett -- Gets off to a hot start, so much so that we don't really miss Frank.
Carl did carry the team for about the first 20 games. He stopped hitting around then, but still found ways to drive in runs. He was the King of the 0-4 RBI line in the box score.

Tadahito Iguchi -- Will struggle early on. Will struggle for a while if Ozzie continues to cut his field in half by drilling him to go to the right side with everything. Japanese Gold Gloves don't mean shit.
Wrong. He was very impressive early, and had a lot to do with the Sox hot start. Lately he has made me long for Willie Harris in the field though.

Dustin Hermanson -- Will turn out to be a much more valuable player than I had first envisioned. He's impressed me so far.
I liked what I saw from Hermy down the stretch last year, and in spring training. My eyes didn't decieve me on this one.

Joe Borchard -- In a new organization by the end of June.
Nope, but he will be gone in the off-season.

Joe Crede -- Becomes Public Enemy #1. Think Billy Koch. Every team needs a whipping boy. If Joe doesn't improve soon, he's going to be hearing it from both barrels; the media and the fans.
The Sox didn't lose enough for Crede's incompetence at the plate to come to a head in the media. He is undoubtedly the most hated regular among fans though.