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White Sox vs. Royals -- Contreras vs. Wood

The White Sox best pitcher (lately, at least) looks to extend the White Sox 6 game winning streak, and continue their dominance over the Royals and the rest of the AL Central. I'm really looking for El Conde to string together some more quality starts and dominant outings just to prove that this recent stretch isn't a fluke.

Contreras has not allowed a walk in any of his last three starts. That was unthinkable earlier this year. Now, he could be the White Sox most dangerous arm in the playoffs.

Wood has just five starts, and pretty good ERA. However, he has less than mediocre peripherals and appears to have been lucky out of the pen for the Royals this year.

Jose Contreras (10-7, 4.06) vs. Mike Wood (4-5, 3.84)

Aaron Guiel, CF Scott Podsednik, LF Andres Blanco, 2B Pablo Ozuna, 3B Mike Sweeney, DH Carl Everett, DH Terrence Long, LF Paul Konerko, 1B Emil Brown, RF Aaron Rowand, CF Mark Teahen, 3B Jermaine Dye, RF Angel Berroa, SS A.J. Pierzynski, C Justin Huber, 1B Juan Uribe, SS Paul Phillips, C Willie Harris, 2B