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White Sox vs. Angels -- Buehrle vs. Washburn

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Earlier this season, I called Jarrod Washburn 'a poor man's Mark Buehrle.' Well, a few months later, he's posting very similar stats to Buehrle. In fact, he's allowing less R/9 than Buehrle. He also has the best LOB% of any qualified pitcher in the AL, which is either really good, or really bad, depending on how you interpret it.

So tonight's game will feature two good pitchers, and exactly two offensive threats, Paul Konerko and Vlad Guerrero. Slight edge to the Angels for Vlad, and slight edge to the Sox for Buehrle.

I hope Brian Anderson gets a start tonight.

Mark Buehrle (15-7, 3.00) vs. Jarrod Washburn (7-8, 3.18)

Figgins CF Ozuna 3B Cabrera SS Iguchi 2B Anderson DH Everett LF Guerrero RF Konerko DH B. Molina C Rowand CF Erstad 1B Dye RF Rivera LF Pierzynski C Quinlan 3B Uribe SS Sorensen 2B Blum 1B
If Konerko is going to be the DH, why can't we have Gload manning 1B?

87 Victories. 23 games left. 13 wins from 100. I'd like to got 13-10 down the stretch to reach that milestone. -- The Sox have only won 100 games in a season once before. Incedently, that was the last time they won the World Series.