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Prior Speculation

Google News Alerts you failed me. Bloglines you failed too.

I have a number of subscriptions to services that should have every utterance of the phrase 'White Sox' appearing in either newspapers or blogs easily available to me. Somehow all of them missed this one.

Buried in the Daily Southtown's Cubs Notes section, which is why I didn't come across it on my own, was this tasty nugget.

The Boston Globe reported Sunday the White Sox were in on the Miguel Tejada talks with Baltimore. If the Cubs would have traded [Mark] Prior to the Orioles for the star shortstop, the Sox would have been interested in making a deal with Baltimore for Prior.
When I first read that quote, I assumed that the Southtown writer might have misread the Globe's report, confusing the two Sox. Searching the Globe's site, however, proved that he wasn't mistaken.

There's no real reason to speculate as to who the Sox would have given up, in theory, to pull off such a trade, or even ponder whether bringing in Prior would be a good move. I find it interesting only because it shows Kenny Williams conviction to doggedly pursue top pitching, specifically through trades.