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Contreras talks "dried up"

[Daily Southtown]

Two weeks ago, the Sox contacted Contreras' agent, Jaime Torres, and asked what it would take to get a multiyear deal done.

"Several weeks ago, we had a very candid conversation where we wanted them to get to a bottom line. They did that, and it wasn't realistic for us to do,'' Hahn said. "Contreras talks for right now are dried up.''

The two sides are believed to be apart on both length of contract and salary.

"We have Jose through 2006 and exclusivity to negotiate with him through Nov. 15 next season," Hahn said. "I suppose something could change and we could still get a deal done between now and then, but the nature of our conversations with Jaime were bottom line."

Looks like Jose is as good as gone following the season. That's why Kenny was looking to add pitchers who we would have control of past 2006.