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Tonight's episode of "Earl" was disappointing

[Ken Rosenthal]

It is unclear whether the Phillies truly are interested in [Manny] Ramirez, who, like [Bobby] Abreu, can veto any trade. [Phillie's GM, Pat] Gillick said last week that he nearly completed a deal for a top-of-the-rotation starter, but that pitcher has not been identified. It was not the A's Barry Zito or White Sox's Jose Contreras, according to industry sources.
Rosey's usually right on top of these things, so we believe him that there was no thruth to the Abreu rumors.
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Jay has moved his Black Sox Blog to a new location. Check it out.

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For those of you like me, who are not going to Sox Fest, Capital City Capital, Vince, myself, and a bunch of other Primates will be having a little get-together at Jak's Tap on Saturday. 2PM until your liver gives out. Timo was not invited, but you are.