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Happy Birthday, Mr. Guillen

Today was Ozzie's birthday. He celebrated by becoming a US citizen. Enjoy Jury Duty, Ozzie. had some quotes from Guillen on the Iguchi-Uribe #2 spot decision.

"It's up to Uribe and how he handles batting second in Spring Training," Guillen said of the possible switch, which he added became even easier to make once Iguchi passed on playing for Japan in the World Baseball Classic to focus on the White Sox. "I haven't really talked to my coaches yet about the move, but I mentioned it to [general manager] Kenny [Williams], and he respects my decisions. We are on the same page.

"We want to give Iguchi an opportunity to drive in more runs and use his power more. We would like to see Iguchi be the Iguchi we know from Japan. He changed his game completely when he came here and did a tremendous job. But we want him to be a little freer in hitting."