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Abreu Overload

[Philadelphia Inquirer]

Phillies GM Pat Gillick continues to make it clear that he's looking for a top-of-the-rotation arm to fortify his pitching staff. However, he's not the only GM looking for pitching, and the available field is thin. Officials from around the majors say that the pitching-rich Chicago White Sox would deal righthander Jose Contreras, who pitched brilliantly for that team in the second half of 2005. There are indications that the White Sox like Bobby Abreu but would have trouble taking on his salary as their payroll has climbed about $20 million and is closing in on $95 million.
Nothing new here, but it's now widely accepted that this deal has been offered.

Let's take a look at the money aspect with Dye added to the potential deal.

2006 2007 2008 Abreu $13.00 $15.00 $2.00 $16m club option for 2008 Contreras $9.00 FA FA Dye $5.00 $1.15 $6M option for 2007 ======================================================== Net ($1.00) $13.85 $2.00
In '06 the Sox wouldn't have to take on any additional money to make the deal. The potential problem looks to be in '07 when the Sox are on the hook for almost $14M more in salary.

[Hardball Dollars]