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Brian Anderson

The Tuscon Citizen had a nice little piece on Brian Anderson today that you might want to check out.

"Nothing is for sure yet, but it is going to be awesome once the first game comes in Comiskey,'' Anderson said. "You have to be confident and go out there and act like the job is yours and nobody is going to take it from you.

"If you keep that mentality, I don't think you will lose your spot."


"I'm not shocked," Arizona coach Andy Lopez said about how fast Anderson has moved up. "In the short time I had him I saw unbelievable development and maturity. It went from a guy who was a very talented kid who is big, strong and fast to being a guy who really matured and developed his skills.

"Not to put any undo expectations on Brian, but if his work ethic continues he will have a long career."

Also of note, Baseball America announces their Sox top 10 list on Wednesday.