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World of Warcraft: White Sox Style

Deadspin, which has become probably our favorite site on the 'net these days, points us to the MLB Chatroom from the guys at Progressive Boink. It's a site I've visited a number of times before, but I always tend to forget about it, visiting only 4-5 times a year and drinking up all the new chats that I've missed.

The chats, and the accompanying screen names, are hilarious, and often require extensive pop culture and baseball knowledge. For instance, one of their signature chatters is Kyle Farnsworth, who goes by the screen name pr0FF3ss0r_F4rnsw0rth; Professor Farnsworth being the name of the ratchety old scientist and space package delivery magnate from the short lived FOX cartoon sitcom, and Simpsons derivative, Futurama.

If you've got a spare hour or two, head on over to The Dugout and kill a few brain cells.

My new personal favorite is World of White Sox. I'm sure this will go right over the heads of many of you, but it spoofs a famous internet clip of a guild heading into battle in World of Warcraft. I can't explain it any further than that, as the last video game I played extensively was Madden '01.

Here is a link to the inspiration: LEEROY JENKINS! (direct video link) -- You'll have to sit through an advertisement to watch the video. (And you'll almost certainly need the video to understand the World of White Sox chat.) IFilm was the only site where I could find the video that didn't require registration. MMORPG nerds love registration. -- Here's the IFilm page for the video if that previous link doesn't work for you.

Update [2006-1-25 22:47:46 by The Cheat]: Other White Sox Chats:
[Welcome to Chicago, Motherf***er]
[The Showerhead]
[Congrats, White Sox]
[Shades of Derek Jeter]
[There's got to be a morning after]
[Bad Taste]
[Super Mario World Series]
[Brandon Pierzynski wins the football game]
[Super Mario Baseball, Dead Sox]