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White Sox React to Thomas' New Destination

Neal Cotts:

"We only play Frank six times," added Cotts, pointing out that it's better for Thomas to be with the A's than the AL Central's Indians or Twins. "But it's good for him he found somewhere to play. I hope he does well and comes back healthy."
Cliff Politte:
"I don't want to go against him in the division," said Politte. "It's fine for him to be in Oakland."
Paul Konerko:
"We wish him well, and we hope he gets healthy. Every player, the one constant is, you wish any guy can go out on his own terms. You don't want an injury to stop anyone.

"He's a Hall of Famer without the 500 home runs. But I think he can get there if he stays healthy for a season or just over a season."

"We are happy he's not in our division because we would have to face him a lot more," Konerko said. "When he's been healthy over the last five years, he's been doing the job. It has nothing to do with lack of skills."