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Count Back to NY?

First let me start by saying the New York Post has the most intrusive and laborious registration process of any major newspaper. They've got some serious protection on their content. (All this means is that I wasn't able to log-in with any of the passwords) For that reason, I have included every single word that could possibly interest you as a White Sox fan from Joel Sherman's latest column.

[Mets GM Omar] Minaya has confided to some folks that finding that starter between now and the July 31 trade deadline is integral to the Mets transforming from playoff threats to championship contenders.


But Minaya likes Jose Contreras, as well, and don't discount the possibility of Minaya working to pry Contreras from the White Sox.


The White Sox's needs should clarify during the season. But to obtain any top starter, the Mets very well may have to sacrifice No. 1 farmhand Lastings Milledge or combine prospects with a player such as Chicago native Cliff Floyd, who also is entering his walk year

I can't remember the last time I had to fill out one of those newspaper registration forms. The things I do for this website...