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Highlights from Phil Rogers BA Chat

Baseball America Chat (Subscription required)

Had Daniel Haigwood and Gio Gonzalez remained, where would they have ranked?

A: Phil Rogers: J.P., thanks for jogging my memory. I did the bulk of work on this list (for the newspaper and the book) in November, so it takes some refreshing on my end. I had Gio Gonzalez ranked sixth, which made him (other than Jenks -- see above) the organization's top pitching prospect. I also like Haigwood quite a bit, and had him 13th, behind only Gonzalez, Ray Liotta, Lance Broadway and Sean Tracey among pitchers.

I can't believe that he'd have Gio ranking so low. He should be right behind Anderson, and ahead of Sweeney. I can see the argument for having Haigwood so low, but I'd still have him in the top 8-10.

He points out that Honel did have surgery this off-season, but it was not the very intrusive Tommy John surgery.

I checked on Honel just the other day, because there has been some mystery about his health. Turns out he has had surgery to repair a partially torn ligament in his elbow and isn't expected back before about June of next year. He did not require Tommy John but did have medical issues, which in a way is almost good news. It gives him an explanation for his inability to stay on the mound in recent years, and could help his approach when he returns. Honel is one of those guys who, for whatever reason, had more velocity in high school than the pros, and in hindsight probably looks like an overdraft by the White Sox.
Thoughts on Jeff Bajenaru? Had a nice year last year. Can he help out in the bullpen this year?

A: Phil Rogers: Bajenaru should become Luis Vizcaino in the reconfigured bullpen. I'm not sure how much Ozzie will trust him but he's definitely got an inside track on a job. He needs to get some confidence in his fastball, however. So far he hasn't looked like the guy who puts up minor-league numbers.

How would you rank the following outfielder in five years: Brian Anderson, Jerry Owens, Jeremy Reed, Ryan Sweeney, and Chris Young? Who do you see having the best major league career?

A: Phil Rogers: Make it Young, Sweeney, Anderson, Reed and Owens.