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Wee Willy?

With one Willie out the door, are the Sox looking to bring another one in to fill their desire for more speed?

Last week MLBTradeRumors reported that the Sox were exploring a Contreras for Willy Taveras trade. I didn't link it here, because, well, I don't like spreading rumors -- My mother taught me not to talk behind people's backs -- Now that the Astros have signed Preston Wilson, however, I think we may have to give some credence to these rumors.

The Astros now have 8 players(Lane, Bagwell, Biggio, Berkman, Burke, Taveras, Lamb, & Wilson) to fill 5 positions (2B, 1B, LF, RF, & CF). I suppose if you consider Bagwell as just a glorified pinch hitter, the Astros could carry all of them, though I think it's unlikely. Crawfish Boxes thinks Lane is the odd man out.

At any rate, I think it's more likely that Lane becomes a fourth outfielder again, while Burke stays in left and Taveras in center. Less likely, Burke is traded. Burke improved streadily through 2005 and even if the Astros ultimately plan on moving Burke, they probably see 2006 as his showcase year, and figure it foolish to trade him before he can be displayed.
With the Sox carrying 6 starting pitchers and the Astros seemingly in a roster crunch, it's very easy to see why these rumors are circulating. If we are talking to the Astros, however, it better be for Brad Lidge, not an overrated speedster. I find it hard to believe that we have no interest in Lidge because we "believe in Bobby Jenks," yet have interest in Taveras despite his Podsednik-like abilities. -- Lord knows, if such a trade goes down, a certain someone will still be complaining about an open roof.

Another Sox trade may not be imminent, however, as the Baltimore Sun reports that the Astros are now one of the top three teams contending for Tejada. With Burnitz shunning the O's to play for the Bucs, and the Astros signing of Wilson, it would appear that both Corky and Taveras are available.

Also, Scott Merkin of echoes our sentiments about the Sox rotation, right down to his surprise on the Garland signing.

I really believe the White Sox will arrive in Tucson in February with six starting pitchers on their roster. Then again, I didn't think there was a chance Jon Garland would sign a new multi-year contract extension
Decide for yourself.