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Tejada? No. Pitching? Yes.

The Chicago Tribune's Dave van Dyck wrote a great article succinctly wrapping up the current issues facing the White Sox front office.

If the White Sox trade Jose Contreras --- and that's still a possibility given the contractual impasse --- it won't be for Baltimore's disgruntled Miguel Tejada or any other position player. It will be for more starting pitching.
I don't know if it has to be for starting pitching, but a nice reliever, one who could step into the rotation one day, would be nice too. -- I assume this also kills the Taveras speculation that I presented yesterday.

The article also included some informative quotes from Kenny regarding the Contreras and starting pitching situation.

"I'm willing to listen to anyone [about trades] because of the contractual situation," Williams said. "Something that would help us win this year and also set us up for the future. In my mind, [a trade] would be for pitching."


"The thing we relied on the most last year was pitching," Williams said. "And one of the reasons why [repeating] next year will be difficult is that we pushed ourselves to the limit [on innings] with pitching last year.

"I want the luxury that if we come out of spring training where if we have a guy who's not quite right, we don't have to push him. And I also want to ease McCarthy into the rotation. That will give us some insurance."