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Studes Article from THT

Very interesting (and colorful!) read from Studes. A lot of the articles posted over at BTF are very difficult for me to get through, but, with a little concentration, I actually got through this one and thoroughly enjoyed it.

At the end of the article (correct me if I'm wrong), Studes seems to come to the conclusion that the better relief pitchers tend to be able to control balls in play. That might not seem groundbreaking to anyone (especially to the less-to-non sabremetric crowd), but I was happy to know I was able to follow, get to, and understand his conclusion. It also makes sense -- in 2005, Neal Cotts and Cliff Politte were great relievers. When batters made contact with either two (especially Cotts), it just seemed a lot weaker than when someone like Freddy Garcia allowed a ball in play.

Again -- I highly recommend you take a couple of minutes and read it. Really, a great, well-written article from Studes.

Note to Cheat: For some reason, it's not allowing me to move it to the diary section. I'd like to put it there, not on the main page...