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Bush is big in Haiti

Reggie Bush that is. Slate and NPR report that the USC Rose Bowl Champion shirts and hats that were just seconds from being handed out to Leinert, Bush, and Carroll are now on their way to Haiti.

I seem to recall Henry Rollins, of Black Flag, Rollins Band, and angry tattooed guy in the movies, saying something about this at a spoken word performace years ago. He was off in some foriegn land and was remarking at the Americanization of their culture, with all the little kids sporting the latest shirts from some championship team, when he realized that said team was, in fact, the loser of the championship. -- I can just picture this destitute village somewhere in the early 90's, waiting for the next shipment of handouts from the NFL. Aww! Not the Bills again!

* * * * *

I've commented about Firefox on here a number of times now, so it should come as no surprise that I'm excited about this extension that's in the works. Apparently, the blogoshpere is all abuzz about it. I haven't run across another blog that mentioned it, so I couldn't say.

Why should you be excited? It should make the technology behind torrents more accessible to masses, and thus increase seeding. That means faster downloads for everyone. Instead of waiting 90 minutes to download the Paris Hilton sex tape in '04, you'll be able to DL the Mary Kate & Ashley sexcapade much faster in '06.

Of course, I would never condone using a P2P program for illegal downloads. But, really, what else are they good for?

* * * * *

I stumbled across a amazing series of articles about win shares. I didn't have time to read all of it, but after the first entry, I could tell that a lot of thought had been put into it.

The blog's default Blogger template needs some tender lovin' care. I emailed the owner to offer my limited help with a redesign. We'll see if he bites.
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Finally, some news that probably only interests me: Where will Kirk Ferentz coach in '06?

  • Jets -- they don't even have a coaching vacancy yet, but they're already running odds on who the next coach is in the NY Post.
  • Lions -- Matt Millen isn't smart enough to hire Ferentz. And likewise, Ferentz isn't dumb enough to take a job where Millen was making personnel decisions. That doesn't stop the Detroit News from floating his name in a key recruiting area.
  • Packers -- It's unclear whether they consider him a candidate or not, but it's the one place in the NFL where the unassuming Ferentz would fit right in.
  • Vikings -- Will probably contact Ferentz if their search continues into next week. I can almost guarantee he won't end up here. The Vikings stuck with Tice for so long because they were cheap. Ferentz is going to command a deal similar to the one that Saban received from Miami.
  • Houston -- They appear to be the strongest suitor for Ferentz right now. I don't know if they'll pony up the cash, or hand over the personnel decisions, to entice him away from Iowa.
I expect this to resolve itself by early next week, so you shouldn't see too many more updates like this.