Bobby Abreu Trade Nixed...and more

I had heard rumblings of a trade offer involving Bobby Abreu to the White Sox last week.  This morning on ESPN 1000 Bruce Levine confirmed the rumors.  The proposed trade was something to the effect of

White Sox get:  Bobby Abreu
Philadelphia gets:  Jermaine Dye, Jose Contreras, and Ryan Sweeney

Abreu is a very good player.  His numbers were down a little bit last year but he fits anywhere from the #2 spot to #5 in the order and the idea of Podsednik, Abreu, Konerko, and Thome to start the game is just scary.

However the Sox thought they were giving up too much.  Dye for Abreu is an upgrade for Chicago.  The Sox can move Contreras as they have 6 starters.  And then Sweeney is not someone who I personally covet too much.  But Kenny apperently didn't think the deal was to their favor.

It's an interesting trade and I wonder if they might be trying to still work out a deal that is a little more favorable to the White Sox.


One other note...

Tadahito Iguchi will not be competing for Japan in the World Baseball Classic.

Between Iguchi's absence and Matsui also declaring he wouldn't be playing the Japanese team is starting to look very shaky.

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