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Hermanson's contract buyout to be sponsored by 7-Eleven

Proving there's nothing that the White Sox won't sell for a buck, the start times for next season have been pushed back six minutes. Why is that significant you ask? Because the regular start time is 7:05, and six minutes later just happens to be 7:11.

That's right, the omnipresent Qwiki-Mart chain has forked over $500K to move the start times to a more advertising friendly slot. Stating the obvious...

"It's a fun way to insert our name into fans' hearts and minds," said Margaret Chabris, a 7-Eleven spokeswoman. "We think it's worth way more than $500,000."
That's funny that was my first thought also. My first reaction was "Alright! More money to throw at potential upgrades." Then I saw the amount. Woo-Hoo! Now we can afford to get rid of Dustin Hermanson.

Remember to take a Big Gulp when Ozzie makes the call to the pen, and thank your lucky stars that the Humbolt County Horticulture Club was outbid for the time slot changes.