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You can not stop Alexis Gomez

  • I'm not actively rooting against Frank Thomas, but I'm not finding myself the least bit upset that the big fella is having a hard time in this series. It really cuts down on the 'we shoulda kept Frank' comments to which I've grown tired of responding.
  • I can't believe a team that started Alexis Gomez at DH (9 career extra-base hits) and Neifi Perez at SS (soon to be the all-time leader in Runs Created Below Average) now holds a 2-0 lead in the ALCS.

    Sometime in July, I just conceded that the Tigers had inherited the horseshoe that the White Sox were sitting on last season. They seemed to record an inordinate amount of walk-off victories, practically everything Leyland touched turned to gold, and they even acquired a useless Perez to fully comply with the Sox championship model. Gomez's HR (matching his career total) and 4 RBI (he entered with a career total of 11) just cemented that notion.

  • The Arizona Fall League has started and the players the Sox have sent only illustrates how thin the minor league system has become. Teams generally send a couple of their most prized prospects. The Sox, however, sent 6 guys who don't figure to ever make an impact on their major league club. I only brought it up because of the name that was missing from the roster, Lance Broadway.

    In late August when the first rosters came out, I argued against Broadway's participation, citing a heavy workload. I'm glad the Sox have elected to protect his arm. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a serious look in spring trainging; that is if he's still with the club. (If you cared, RHP Adam Russell, LHP Wes Whisler, LHP Corwin Malone, RHP Dewon Day, CF Jerry Owens, OF David Cook, and 2B Andy Gonzalez are the Sox representatives in the AFL)