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Second Season :: Round 2 :: Day 5

Some more details about Tim "The Rock" Raines' departure:

[Joe Cowley]

While Guillen never said why Raines was not given an extension, sources indicated he was not thrilled with Raines' work ethic all the time, even though it had improved over this last season. With the Sox down a coach, Baines could return to bench duties, which would leave Guillen needing a first-base coach.
[Mark Gonzales]
Among the possible replacements could be Triple-A manager Razor Shines, minor-league infield instructor Manny Trillo and Tampa Bay scout and former Seattle coach John McLaren.
[Scott Merkin]
Guillen could turn within the organization and select Mike Gellinger as the new member of the coaching staff. Gellinger, who has previous Minor League managing experience, currently serves as the team's Major League computer scouting analyst.