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Tigers Sweep A's, Win World Series!

  • I suppose I should congratulate the Detroit Tigers on their World Series victory. Never before have I seen a playoffs filled with such mediocrity. If anyone deserves to win this season, it's the Tigers, who at least have three-quarters of an excellent team. That's all you need this year.
  • I'm glad that Placido Polanco finally had his coming out party. He's been a good, highy underrated player for a few years now. Only a couple of you will remember, but almost two years ago, he was the one free agent that I was campaigning for to fill the Sox need at 2B and #2 hitter.
  • I caught this link from Bruce Jenkins over at BTF. He's the beat writer's version of St. Peter at the gates. I actually laughed out loud when I read the phrases "exceptional character" and "highest moral fiber," remembering that he had previously called Pierzynski "essentially a bad guy; you can't change that."

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Frank Thomas and Milton Bradley head to Oakland portrayed as "bad guys" by the media? And now they've changed? Hypocrite. I'll be especially interested in what Jenkins has to say when Frank wants his money -- guaranteed, non-deferred money -- this off-season, and winds up elsewhere in the AL West.

  • I was genuinely happy for Raggedy Andy when he hit that walk off HR. It looked a lot like this one from back when he couldn't afford $75M in hair care products.