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The Juan Uribe Shooting: Somebody's Lying

When we first got a quote from Juan Uribe's agent regarding his recent run in with the law, I almost made a comment that I hoped he had the strings pulled tight on his tin-can-phone, but I thought better of it -- Remembering Steve Lyons quick exit from the FOX booth, I didn't want to lose my prestigious post here atop South Side Sox. Instead I made a crack about the 'very reliable guy in the Dominican.' I didn't understand why that part of the quote was necessary. Now I do...

The most recent report contradicts the agent's claim that Uribe had spoken with authorities. Not only that, but a bench warrant has been issued for Uribe, and his brother and bodyguard have already been arrested.

So either Uribe's agent was lying, and he never really talked to Uribe, who the authorities can't seem to locate, or Uribe was lying when he said that he had contacted the policia. Either scenario seems plausible, but I think the former is more likely. After all, Uribe's brother and bodyguard have been arrested. The police were able to locate them.

It pains me to say this, but it appears that Uribe is on the lam.