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Second Season :: Round 2 :: NLCS Game 5

  • If you hadn't already heard, Juan Uribe was questioned and released in the Dominican, but is still considered a suspect in the dual shooting. The ESPN report says he assaulted a cameraman while leaving the courthouse, but they don't have any damning footage of the incident.
  • The inevitable Juan Uribe related Dugout from the guys at Progressive Boink was sadly unfulfilling.
  • I think Urlacher entered the pantheon of Rowand and Ditka last night.
  • The overlords here at SB Nation have ever-so-nicely requested that their users fill out this brief survey. (I took it. It only took me less than 5 minutes, and I got extra time for tests in high school because I was special. You normal people should be able to knock it off in half the time.)

    I'll level with you, it's for a new advertising partnership. SB Nation is 4 times the size that it was a year ago, and we're running through servers like Mark Foley runs through congressional pages. If you fill out the survey, you can help us keep the advertising on the site topical; less chance of flabby ass girl coming back.