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Uribe Shooting: Kenny Williams speaks, Uribe claims extortion, offers alibi

[Kenny Williams]

"Honestly, my first reaction was obviously something happened, but whatever is being reported, Juan is not involved in it. He's not that kind of kid.

"Then again, let's wait until all the facts come in. There has been such a wide range of stories that have come out regarding that situation that I'll just sit tight.

"I've been given no indication this is anything more than a questioning, at this point. I have been given more reason to think Juan is not directly involved in what happened."


"One thing that I have learned over the years is to be very careful to jump to assumptions of one person pointing guilt at another person. It's particularly true when that particular person being pointed at is the richest man in the room. That's why I've heard Ozzie advise a lot of the guys down in that part of the world, in the Latin American countries, to be very careful about their associates and the security when they travel; watch themselves, because they could be targets. I'm not saying this is one of those situations, but it's something that they all have to be aware of in terms of how they conduct their lives."


"If he happens to go to jail, I'll be looking for another shortstop. I have not been given any reason to be worried just yet."

[Juan Uribe]
"I'm completely innocent. They're trying to extort me because they know I play in the major leagues. They sent word to me that if I give them 1,000,000 pesos [about 33,000 U.S. dollars], all of this will go away."

"I was at home talking to my father when all of this happened. There are a ton of witnesses that can corroborate what I'm saying. No one saw me in the place where the shooting happened.

"Just like me, [Gonzalez] grew up here and has lived all his life in Juan Baron," Uribe added. "He was banging on a public telephone next to my car and I told him to stop. Things went no further than that. Afterwards, I was at home, which is very close to the park where the incident happened, and I heard shots. My brother and friend came over and told me that they had argued with [Gonzalez] and [Alessandro]."

"Not only that, but during questioning on Tuesday, the Italian admitted that I wasn't there when the shots were fired. The authorities have my gun for ballistics tests that will prove I didn't do it."

I've been trying to preach caution and patience with this whole matter, and this just illustrates why. Everything will sort itself out eventually.