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White Sox Quotes of the Day: Greg Walker, Ken Williams, Joe Crede

Hitting Coach Greg Walker disagreed on the idea that the Sox offense relies too much on the home run. For Walker the home run is integral to the overall success of the Sox:

[Scott Merkin]

"First of all, in our ballpark, you'd better be able to hit home runs, because it's a home run ballpark for most of the year. We lead the league in home runs, and everyone knows in baseball if you try to hit home runs -- and people who keep bringing it up are inferring we are trying to hit home runs -- if you try, you don't hit them, and we do. So, we must have a pretty good approach. Are there times where we could be better and have a bad approach? Sure, there are. We are not perfect. Still, this home run thing really bugs me. If you have been around baseball, ask anyone if they would like to have some of our power in their lineup. It's a must in this league."
Kenny's take:
"This whole concept about us returning to a softball-type club, I think, is a little bit off base. I think it's off base behind the phenomenon of 'Ozzie Ball' last year, which I think was a little overplayed, in terms of what we really were."

Crede's not so opposed to the idea of having surgery to strengthen his back:

[Scott Merkin]

"I'm more leaning toward not having it, but I'm going to get another opinion from another doctor and see what he has to say. He's a guy who has done these surgeries before. It's a very minor surgery. You walk in and you walk out. There's no laying up in a bed or overnight stay in a hospital. It's a small incision. But we are going to get another opinion and go from there."

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