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The Rock to the Bronx?

According to Newsday, the Yankees are considering Sox first base coach in 2004 and bench coach in 2005 Tim "The Rock" Raines as a candidate for their hitting coach coach job now that current hitting coach Don Mattingly is moving to bench coach duties. As mentioned before, according to the Score, AAA Charlotte manager Razor Shines will be the next Sox third base coach with current third base Joey Cora becoming bench coach. Razor is currently managing the LaGuaira Tiburones.

Another tidbit from the same article: Kenny is waiting to see what will Joe Crede do, regarding his back, before he finalizes the team's budgets.

Update [2006-10-28 16:2:12 by thewizardsofoz]:

Kevin Long, the Yankees AAA hitting coach, will be the next Yankees hitting coach, so no Rock in the Bronx (from Cheat's WasWatching link).