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Off-Season Roundtable

Hey guys,

I thought about it a little bit, and I think this will be the easiest solution. I've buried this post far enough back so that I don't think anyone will stumle upon it. We can just use the comments section to have our discussion without cluttering each others inboxes with those annoying greater than signs that get attached to replies. After a couple of days I'll edit it into a managible HTML file, and you can post it on your respective sites.

I'll post a couple of questions in the comments to get us started, and will probably post a couple more for the next couple days. (I figure that it will take us all week to really hash out what we've all got to say.)

A couple of important notes:

  • Please click the "Reply to This" link under which comment you wish to reply.
  • Feel free to reply to others in addition to the questions I've posed.
  • Feel free to ask your own questions with one caveat... I've got a number of questions in the hopper that I'll add once we've exhausted the previous ones. I think the discussion will work best if I'm mostly a discussion leader. I'm going to try to ask questions in an order that's chronological (for lack of a better word). Don't post "Do you think we should get Carl Crawford?" as a question on Monday, because I can assure you we'll discuss possible trade scenarios, it'll just be around Wednesday or Thursday...
  • Do post questions to other peoples responses, though. That makes for the best back-and-forth.