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But can he protect a Jeep?

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According to Nick Cafardo, blogger for the Boston Globe, the White Sox may have signed Alex Gonzalez to a 3-year deal.

Former Red Sox shortstop Alex Gonzalez has received a three-year $15 million deal from an undisclosed team.

Major League sources indicate that the team could be either the Chicago White Sox, who are looking for an alternative to Juan Uribe, or the Cincinnati Reds. The Red Sox did not make an offer, nor did the Toronto Blue Jays,who also covet Gonzalez.

While I think this is a pointless, lateral-to-downhill move, I can definitely see this happening. The Sox were (understandably) not at all happy with Uribe's performance this season.

The fact that the deal hasn't been made public is what has me believing it's the Sox who've signed him. It's in their best interest to keep the deal quiet while they try to unload Uribe through a trade.

Update [2006-11-17 12:18:16 by The Cheat]: I missed it while placing my lunch order, but supposedly Bruce Levine has reported that the Sox are not the team involved in this deal.