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A pan, a comb, and maybe a cat

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  • I was in dry heaves for a couple minutes after I read this blurb from Phil Rogers.
    There aren't many catchers on the free-agent market. That could be a problem for the White Sox if they don't keep veteran Sandy Alomar Jr. to play behind A.J. Pierzynski. Chris Stewart, who hit .265 at Triple-A Charlotte last season, is the top current option. Gustavo Molina, recently re-signed as a minor-league free agent, is a strong defensive option.
    Stewart is not an option. He showed that he had quite an arm in the last week of the season when he was finally allowed to see action, but he also took cuts at the plate that looked like that of an rookie leaguer. I suppose I can take a little bit of solice in the fact that the Sox didn't send him to Venezuela or Arizona like they did with the other prospects they thought they might need in '07. Did I mention he hit .244/.271/.341 against LHP in AAA? Not.An.Option. I shouldn't even have to address the part about the old man or the guy who does not belong to the famous catching fraternity of the same name.
  • Rosenthal has not much new to add regarding the Sox quest to deal pitching, but he made a special point to emphasize Kenny's man love for Rangers pitching prospects.
    The Rangers might be a more suitable trading partner for the White Sox than the Mets; Texas would figure to be interested not only in right-hander Freddy Garcia, but also center fielder Brian Anderson if they lost Gary Matthews Jr. as a free agent.

    White Sox G.M. Ken Williams is enamored with several of the Rangers' top pitching prospects.

    The Sox drafted John Danks younger brother, Jordan, with their first pick on the second day of the '05 draft. They hoped they could throw some money at him to entice him away from his rock solid commitment to the University of Texas. While the Sox weren't successful, they did develop a bit of a relationship with the family. Papa Danks praised the organization and said that Jordan would love to play for the Sox some day.
  • The Sox made their move from Tucson to Glendale official.
  • Frank Thomas appears to be on his way to Canada. I'd like to say "I told you so" to the A's, but I've been biting my tounge regarding Frank since May. That, and I'm just happy to be here.

    There's speculation that the payroll added by acquiring Frank will be trimmed by dealing '08 free agent Vernon Wells, with whom the Sox should be very interested.

  • The Orioles are set to sign Jamie Walker to a three year $10+M contract. I feel much the same way I did last year when we dodged the bullet that was Scott Eyre and his fat contract. Let other teams pay for overpriced middle relievers.