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KW doesn't appreciate your trade rumor

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In an article that read a little "My Sources Are Better Than Your Sources," Mark Gonzalez quotes Kenny upset at the notion that he wouldn't make a Garcia for Santana trade.

"I will say for the record it's absolutely untrue," Williams said. "And I'll answer that question because there has been so much speculated that is completely off-base. I don't want our fans fooled."
KW also denied reports that the Sox were in pursuit of Jamie Walker, and offered a contract to Alex Gonzalez. He even took on the free agents themselves, from the SouthTown
"It?s getting old being used as leverage for all these (free agents) looking to drive the price up because they know we don?t like to confirm or deny things," Williams said via e-mail. "It?s happened at least three other times this offseason alone. It?s getting old, and in addition, it?s unethical."