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South Side Sox Community Prospect List

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Rk Name Pts 1. Ryan Sweeney 166 2. Josh Fields 151 3. Lance Broadway 141 4. Aaron Cunningham 103 5. Charlie Haeger 101 6. Oneli Perez 71 7. Kyle McCulloch 51 8. Jack Egbert 22 9(t) Jerry Owens 19 9(t) Heath Phillips 19 11. Lucas Harrell 14

Others receiving votes: Vernon "Chris" Carter,
Adam Russell, Boone Logan, Lee Cruz, Pedro Lopez,
Chris Getz, Andy Gonzalez

I didn't include my vote in this list. It wouldn't have mattered much, as our Top 5 was the same. After that you could have filled out your ballot with any number of 10+ names. There's some prospects worth keeping an eye on after that top group, but they don't have the makeup of guys you'd usually see gracing a list like this.

For discussions sake, where would you guys rank the departed lefties (Gio, Haigwood, Castro, and Lumsden)?

Oh, and here's what Rogers had to say about Perez:

Great numbers, not so great stuff. The reports I get are that he's a high-80s guy, not a true power guy, but I've never seen him pitch, even in spring training (where I see most of the guys). I considered him for the top 30 but he did not wind up making the cut.
That's right, Rogers somehow found 30 other players, in a system that's currently considered one of the weakest in baseball, to rank ahead of Mr. Perez.

I've heard the same reports on Perez's stuff from a couple of people -- that he doesn't throw hard -- but that's just through the grapevine. (They've never seen him pitch either.) And while that's limiting, we didn't see David Riske, the $2.5M man, top 90MPH last season.

My assertion that I wouldn't be surprised if Perez made the club out of spring was based on the notion that even if you knock a ton off the strikeout rate and increase his hit rate to try to approximate his major league production. The line I kept coming up with in my head was that of Riske.