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Wait, wait, don't sell me

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The holiday weekend slowed the constant chatter of the baseball off-season for a few days, and kept me from posting for almost a week. Activity should remain light until the December 1st deadline for teams to offer arbitration to free agents, but should really heat up when the Winter Meetings open on the 4th.

The lack of real news doesn't stop some though...

  • The BIG news -- if you can call it news -- came from the mouth (or perhaps more accurately, the mind) of 670 The Score's George Offman. He reported that the Sox and Angels are currently discussing a deal involving Freddy Garcia, Joe Crede, Ervin Santana, and Chone Figgins.

    This news has to be tempered with the knowledge that this is the same station that randomly brings up the name Aaron Rowand whenever they run out of more interesting fare ideas.

  • Phil Rogers tried to encapsulate the Sox off-season needs, but missed the mark as Jim already discussed. In addition to the passages Jim noted, I thought this particular quote left something to be desired.
    [O]therwise, any 2007 improvement currently would have to come from Rob Mackowiak, Anderson, Podsednik and a cast of prospects that includes Ryan Sweeney, Jerry Owens and Josh Fields, a third baseman who could switch to left. Maybe there's a Marcus Thames in the group of younger players
    Marcus Thames? Marcus Thames? A platoon player who didn't have a season with over 165 ABs until he was 29? I would hope that the group of young players are able to force their way into the lineup in a much quicker fashion than Thames. If not, the Sox are in for some serious (run production) trouble in the next 5 years.
  • Based on a small quote in the Rogers article, Bleed Cubbie Blue tries to sell the Sox some magic beans Jacque Jones. Because the Sox really need another rag-armed outfielder who can't hit left-handed pitching.
  • Finally, from the wealth of information that is Google News, Alex Bloom and Evans Clinchy, two closeted gay students at Tufts University who haven't taken Tybor's class, place Ozzie Guillen atop their Future Firings List based on the reasoning, "the man has no clue how to put together a lineup that scores runs." Bloom and Clinchy demonstrate the journalistic research qualities of Jayson Blair with that statement, as the Sox have finished 3rd, 9th, and 3rd in the AL in runs scored during Ozzie's three seasons at the helm. How do you like them apples?