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Second hand news -- Peter Gammons continues to tell anyone within earshot that the White Sox are one of the likely destinations for soon-to-be-traded Red Sox Slugger, Manny Ramirez. Meanwhile, Bruce Levine is reporting that the Sox continue to talk to the Devil Rays. And Rosenthal writes, citing an anonymous executive, that the Red Sox are interested in the Rays Mr. Baldelli. I can't help but think the three are related, but struggle to put together a deal that would satisfy all three clubs.

Dreams (or quite possibly nightmares) -- Dave Van Dyck has put the name Mark Buerhle in his last three articles, two of which were actually about the Cubs, stating that Buehrle is available. It's interesting that we've seen more serious reports about the other 3 tradeable starters. Buehrle hasn't been connected to any deal that progressed far enough to have other players or teams attached to the discussion. We know how Kenny likes to work "under the radar..."

Never Going Back Again -- Mark Gonzales says the Sox spring training move to Glendale is anything but smooth sailing. I've been casually reading the Arizona papers regarding this, but the local politics are too much for me to handle. All stadium deals are boondoggles. Maybe Tucson resident Spengler can keep us abreast of any newsworthy developments.

I Don't Want to Know -- From Gonzales' latest

If the Sox don't make the trade, it would leave them with two starting pitchers--Garcia and Mark Buehrle--who would become free agents after this season. They also would have decided to put their faith in leadoff hitter Scott Podsednik, whom they might pay as much as $3 million in salary arbitration.