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Sox Sign Luis Terrero

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Just got this surprising press release in my mailbox, and I'm not sure what to make of it. Terrero doesn't seem like the type of player you'd have to sign to a major league deal to get him into camp. (He got just 40 major league at-bats with the Orioles last season.) The press release states that he signed a 1-year deal, but doesn't list any terms.

Terrero is a 5th outfielder type who can play some CF, which would have made this a good pick up in July or August. But right now, it's just confusing me.

Update [2006-11-3 17:17:48 by The Cheat]: Reading this thread over at Soxtalk, it seems that Terrero is only guaranteed $100K, which would indicate a split contract of some sort since the major league minimum this year was upped to $380K.

Update [2006-11-3 20:1:53 by The Cheat]: The AP reports, "Terrero would make $410,000 if he plays in the major leagues next season and $78,000 if he is assigned to the minors."