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Razor Burned, fired from Tiburones; Anderson returns to states

The Chicago Tribune's Dave van Dyck reports that Razor Shines was fired from his post as manager of the La Guira Tiburones. Shines says the club "wanted to make changes to the staff" but they weren't related to the number of Sox prospects on the club.

Van Dyck also reports that Brian Anderson has returned to the states after reportedly losing 20 pounds in his 2 weeks in Venezuela, which could go a long way in explaining his .211 slugging percentage in just 19 at-bats. -- I guess he didn't get the memo, "don't drink the water." 20 pounds in 2 weeks is serious weight loss, especially for somebody who's not overweight. The Sox should genuinely be concerned about his health.

Oh, and Boone Logan returned home with a sore arm. Ouch.

I suppose I have to give a little good news mixed with all this bad... Ryan Sweeney has done relatively well in his time with the Tiburones, batting .260/.383/.400 with 10BB compared to 8K in 60 plate appearances.