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Beat to the punch

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A few minutes ago, I sat at my computer to go through my normal bedtime routine; one last scan through the e-mail, check to see if there's anything newsworthy to post on the site, check for new updates, brush teeth, sleep. I came across the most recent article on titled White Sox not shopping Crede. In the article, Kenny Williams is quoted, no doubt trying to dispel the Crede-for-Figgings rumors...

"I have not approached anyone in trying to trade Joe Crede, and I don't plan to approach anyone."
I then checked out the chatter at SoxTalk, where the consensus seemed to be that the quote meant Crede was a goner. To which I replied...
Kenny doesn't outright lie to the media. He makes lies of omission. This isn't a lie, but it could be a lie of omission.

If he says that Crede's not being shopped, well Crede's not being actively shopped.

Does that mean that Crede will stay with the Sox this year? Not necessarily.

Kenny would be dumb if he didn't listen to all offers for players, but he doesn't have to accept those offers. It's very difficult to make the '07 Sox a better club in the absence of Crede, and that's why I think Crede will still be with the Sox on opening day, no matter what KW says to the media.

After posting that, I decided I would add some more substance to it and make an entry here. I opened the "Post New Story" window here and settled on the title "KW's doublespeak". But before I started typing, I headed to SoxMachine to see if Jim had posted anything on the subject. Sure enough. "K-Doubletalk."

Blah, blah, great minds and all that junk. I'm sure many of you would have posted the same thing in the morning. The point is that even with a seemingly direct quote from Williams, we don't know anything more about Crede's future with the team than we did 24 hours ago.