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Anderson speaks, More on Terrero, Igawa to be posted

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On leaving:

"I went down there to play, and I was good for two or three days and then I wasn't the same. I went there at 220, and now I'm at 205. I can't put any weight on. I have to make sure that I don't have some sort of parasite or something, and do what I can do to be ready for spring training.

"The best thing for me to do was to get out of there. It wasn't fair to show up to the games like that for the fans and my teammates. I was doing more harm than good.

"When Razor left, that was the icing on the cake."

On next season:
"I'm going to show up ready to play. That's all I can say. Prepare myself better than I ever have and prove myself all over again."
* * * * *
I remember being perplexed a couple of seasons ago when Luis Terrero was having problems cracking the lineup on a terrible Diamondbacks club, but not enough to search out the why. The Chicago Tribune reports that Terrero has been suspended on a number of occasions, and quotes Luis Gonzalez as saying, "[Terrero had] all the skills in the world. He has made some mistakes with the suspensions and doing silly things like throwing balls into the stands, but I think he's learning how to listen."
* * * * *
Kei Igawa, who won the Sawamura Award (Japanese version of the Cy Young) over Daisuke Matsuzaka this season, is due to pitch against the MLB "All-Stars" on Tuesday and be posted the next day.

I found some video of him on YouTube, and conducted a small scouting report... His fastball sits at 88-89, but he can turn it up to 93 on occasion. His changeup didn't impress me at all, and he couldn't throw it for strikes in the video I watched. Other reports on his change are better low-80's with good movement. His breaking ball looks kind of like a slurve, and he can throw it from mid-to-high 70's.

He's not in the same class as lefties with elite stuff in the states (Santana, Liriano, Sabathia, Willis) and probably falls behind the class that gets by without dominating stuff (Mulder, Zito, Buehrle, Glavine, Rogers) but he figures to be better than your typical league average lefty. I think he compares very favorably to Cleveland's Cliff Lee.

He could command between $5 and $10M in the posting process and get a 3-4 year deal with an annual salary around $7M. Good pickup for the backend of the rotation for teams with money to burn. (i.e. the teams that miss out on Matsuzaka)