More ads? Jebus!

I understand that we live in a capitalist system and there's no such thing as a free lunch, but these ads are starting to get a little ridiculous. In recent memory there was jiggly-ass making SSS a NSFW site and now, horror of horrors, we're getting banner ads across the top. Thank god none of them have been sound-enabled..... yet.

I don't want to cheat the SB Nation out by using FireFox plug-ins like Adblock, but it's almost getting to the point where you can't see the forest from the ads.

Cheat, has there been any discussion amongst the Nation admins about adding subscription services to the sites? Maybe something akin to what's in the Slashcode that allows X ad-free page views for Y dollars, or a flat-out subscription, or like Salon, where you have to view one mega-ad to get most of the mini-ads out of the way?

I posted this as a diary rather than a bitchy email to Cheat because I wanted to get a sense of the community's feelings on the matter. Am I being too much of a priss in thinking there are too many ads on the page? How much would you be willing to pay, and in what type of subscription manner, in order to view SSS ad-free?

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